Thursday, September 05, 2002

How long can i continue living for the weekends. its not like any of them are really that different from each other. but none the less i get all excited expecting THIS weekend to be the BEST weekend ever. I can tell ya right now I will get drunk make an asshole out of myself go to sleep and start over the next day. how lame is my life. my face is all broken out like a 13 year old pre-pubesient boy and my ex is playing at emos tomarrow night. i am constantly searching for the way to get to a size 0 in 2 days, so far this laxitive thing has worked alright. but what am i to do about my reched face! i was thinking, that maybe I just dont have the kinda face men fall in love with. i think my nose may be too masculine. maybe a nose job is the answer to all my problems. jennifer grey got one and look at her, she never made another shitty movie again. maybe babs should consider it

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

although sat night was a distaster, i think, sunday night was fun. my room mate and i went to le priv, which normally i would strongly oppose that but it sounded fun for some strange reason. anyhoo there is this great jukebox upstairs with jams like Archers of loaf Icky metal, Superchunk, My Bloody Valentine, Mos Def etc. I have always said as long as you have a great jukebox, you have yourself a great bar. If only they had some Snoop Dog Doggy style. i ran into some boys who are on my ex boyfriends label and chatted with them one of them in particular wanted to have my love child that night. but like a good girl i warded off his advances. the next night my roomates band played at emos and my ex boyfriend showed up. he had been out of town all month so later that night I welcomed him back to Texas
I think i made a fool of myself this weekend only i was too drunk to remember if i did. that is usually a tale tale sign that i made a giant ass hole out of myself. i am not sure how but i ened up conviencing this guy i have a crush on to come back to my place. come to think of it i probley told him i would give hime a ride home, cause he rides a bike......eeeekkk. anyway so we are doing the whole 8th grade PG13 make out session when suddenly he remembers he locked his bicylce with three other bikes at the party we just left. he said he was the only one with the key and had to go. what the f is that all about? its not like he just discovered my breath stunk, we had bee kissing for like 10 min. i am thinking he shot his wad and was embarressed. who the hell know, lord know i sure as hell dont.