Wednesday, September 18, 2002

I wonder how much longer I can keep this job untill i go completly crazy. Minutes seem like hours. its like it has just now hit me how bored i really am everyday. i was thinking this morning that if I quit my job i would be forced to be more creative. i would ultimatly like to do something arty for a living, and now i have the oppertunity to ride on the coat tails of my sister. I am thinking i will paint purses. although i have unsucessifully done this several times i think it may work out this time around. there is a real oppertunity to make some money and lawd knows nothing i love more than some green money.

Monday, September 16, 2002

New boy alert! Michael invited a friend and I to one of his co-workers housewarming parties and this is where I met Alex. I honestly did not give him much thought at first, not because I didnt think he was handsome but because he kinda seemed like a pretty boy. Well anyhoo as the night progressed we talked more and some how or another ended up making out. When I went home that night he called me. I thought that it was cute that he is obviously not abiding by any of these stero typical rules boys generally tend to live their life by. I dont remember seeing Swingers in his movie collection. So we have now hung out several times and I am enjoying his company more and more....................I am not gonna get my little ass get all worked up just to be let down in the end